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Unable to locate ingredients for that Mexican recipe you want to try this weekend? Visit El Chavo Mexican Products in Roslindale Square!
>>El Chavo is operated by Alejandro Rodriguez and his wife, Lucy Galvan. Already, many nostalgic customers have stopped by to find the meats, cheeses, spices and desserts with which they are familiar but they struggle to find in this part of the city. The tiny market is a treasure trove of Mexican foodstuffs. You'll find fresh and dried chilies, cheeses and chorizos, as well as tortillas, salsas and moles, homemade tamales and cinnamon-scented Mexican chocolate. Plus, an impressive assortment of imported Mexican cookies and confections - including brightly colored paletas (frozen fruit popsicles) and Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico, an Internet cult sensation.
Our Store is located in Roslindale Square at 4254 Washington Street, Roslindale, MA 02131. You can call us from 9am to 9pm at 617-323-2442. See map and directions. If you would like to have a product ready for you on you visit to the store or have any questions please contact us.